Girls Basketball
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2019-20 LCHS Varsity Girls Basketball Team
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2019-20 Varsity Girls Basketball Schedule

Regular Season

  Date Lewis and Clark Opponent  
Sat, Nov 30 Girls Basketball Jamboree
Wed, Dec 4 Lewis and Clark 46 Coeur d'Alene, ID 53
Fri, Dec 6 Lewis and Clark 57 Richland 50
Sat, Dec 7 Lewis and Clark 40 West Valley (Yakima) 26
* Tue, Dec 10 Lewis and Clark 34 Mt. Spokane 52
* Fri, Dec 13 Lewis and Clark 63 University 48
* Tue, Dec 17 Lewis and Clark 45 North Central 37
* Thu, Dec 19 Lewis and Clark 50 Gonzaga Preparatory School 55
Sat, Jan 4 Lewis and Clark 34 Chiawana 49
* Tue, Jan 7 Lewis and Clark 56 University 54
* Tue, Jan 14 Lewis and Clark 38 Mead 63
* Thu, Jan 16 Lewis and Clark 49 Ferris 52
Sat, Jan 18 Lewis and Clark 54 Post Falls, ID 58
* Tue, Jan 21 Lewis and Clark 79 Shadle Park 52
* Fri, Jan 24 Lewis and Clark 67 Rogers (Spokane) 17
Sat, Jan 25 Lewis and Clark 37 Lake City, ID 67
* Tue, Jan 28 Lewis and Clark 28 Gonzaga Preparatory School 41
* Fri, Jan 31 Lewis and Clark 48 Ferris 40
* Sat, Feb 1 Lewis and Clark 44 Central Valley 78
* Tue, Feb 4 Lewis and Clark 49 Mead 39
* Thu, Feb 6 Lewis and Clark 43 Central Valley 60

Post Season (If Qualified)

  Date/Time Opponent Place / Result  
Feb 12 - Feb 224A District at Toyota Center
Feb 28 - Mar 74A Regionals & State at Tacoma Dome


Summer 2.0

Sep 28, 2020 2:49 PM

Hello Tiger Community,

Thank you for showing interest in summer 2.0. Last Wednesday the district decided they were not ready to let athletics begin indoors and will re-evaluate every two weeks. However outdoor athletics are still a go at this time, all with heavy protocols and precautions to help protect everyone involved. Starting tomorrow at 3 pm and going Tuesdays and Thursdays on the upper field behind the LC Fieldhouse we will be holding basketball conditioning with those girls who have signed up on Family ID and are cleared to participate. We will have pods of 5 with up to 20 girls per session. If there is enough intereset we will have 2 sessions one at 3pm then a second session following at 4pm. Attached is the daily camp schedule and the instructions on how to complete the Student Health Check, please make sure to look over that and have it done each day before showing up to conditioning. Please contact AD Dave Hughes or me with any questions.

Practice and Procedures

Sep 28, 2020 2:55 PM

LCHS Girls Basketball Summer 2.0 Practice schedule and procedures Phase 2
Location: South Field #2 South of 5th Ave
Tuesdays and Thursdays Starting September 29 until we are allowed to move indoors.
1st Group A of 20 (pods of 5) 2:55-3:00
2nd Group B of 20 (pods of 5) 3:55-4:00
Entrance Procedures and Protocols (see details below)
Group A 3:00-3:10
Group B 4:00-4:10
Dynamic Warmup and Stretch in designated socially distanced areas on the field
Group A 3:10-3:20
Group B 4:10-4:20
Agility Drills: Sprint-Slide Right-Backpedal-Slide Left in designated socially distanced areas on the field
Group A 3:20-3:30
Group B 4:20-4:30
Continuous Conditioning: Jog-Sprint-Jog-Sprint in designated socially distanced areas on the field
Group A 3:30-3:40
Group B 4:30-4:40
Body Weight Workout: Lunges-Squats-Pushups-Crunches-Mountain Climbers
Group A 3:40-3:50
Group B 4:40-4:50
Plyometric Workout: Squat Jumps-Single Leg Jumps-Bounding-Standing Long Jumps in designated socially distanced areas on the field
Group A 3:50-3:55
Group B 4:50-4:55
Exit Procedures (see details below)
Entrance Procedures: Check-in: please complete your Student Health Check on your phone or computer earlier in the day
• Athlete, wearing an approved face mask, line up at least a 6” distance from other athletes outside the facility gate along fence.
• Coach meets athlete at entrance of facility, takes attendance and verifies health check has been completed.
• Coach directs athlete to designated spot on the field with another coach.
• Athlete places any possessions within their own personal designated spot.
• Only once directed by a coach may the athlete take off their mask for workout purposes.
Exit Procedures:
• Athlete wears their cloth face mask and gathers possessions, then waits for further instruction from coach.
• Coach will dismiss athletes one at a time to encourage continued social distance from others on and off the field.
• Athletes will exit directly to their cars or rides.
• If an athlete is waiting for someone to pick them up, they will notify the coach and will not be dismissed until their ride home arrives to the facility.
General Practices and Expectations:
• No equipment may be shared, so each athlete must remember to come prepared to each practice, including a water bottle, please bring your own water bottle!
• Please come ready to practice. Accessing bathroom facilities will be disruptive to practice because of current procedures, so it is advised that athletes use the restroom before coming to practice. Bathroom facilities are available for emergency situations.
• Come dressed for the weather. We do not currently have access to inside practice facilities, and practice will be held unless there is extreme inclement weather. If practice does have to be cancelled, notification will be sent out by 12 pm the day of the practice.

Arbter Schedule