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Postponed Events (16)
The following events were previously postponed and are awaiting a new play date.

Frosh Baseball Mead Home 3/13/17
Frosh Baseball Shadle Park Home 3/15/17
"C" Softball Lewis and Clark Home 3/17/17
"C" Softball Mead Home 3/22/17
Frosh Baseball Lewis and Clark Home 3/27/17
JV Baseball North Central Home 3/27/17
"C" Girls Tennis Lewis and Clark Home 3/28/17
"C" Softball Central Valley Away 3/29/17
Frosh Baseball Mead Away 4/12/17
"C" Softball Lewis and Clark Away 4/12/17
"C" Girls Tennis Lewis and Clark Away 4/12/17
"C" Girls Tennis Gonzaga Preparatory School Home 4/14/17
"C" Softball Ferris Away 4/14/17
Frosh Baseball Shadle Park Away 4/17/17
"C" Softball Mead Away 4/17/17
JV Boys Tennis Mead Home 4/18/17
Postponed Events (16)
Missing Score (26)
The following events have been played, but no score has been reported.

JV Boys Soccer Mead Home 3/13/17
Varsity Boys Tennis Lake City, ID Home 3/21/17
Varsity Girls Tennis Lake City, ID Home 3/21/17
Frosh Baseball Ferris Home 3/24/17
JV Boys Soccer Cheney Home 3/25/17
JV Softball Gonzaga Prep. Home 3/27/17
JV Boys Soccer Ferris Home 3/29/17
JV Baseball Ferris Home 4/4/17
Varsity Girls Tennis Ferris Home 4/11/17
JV Baseball Mead Home 4/11/17
JV Boys Soccer Mt. Spokane Home 4/12/17
Varsity Boys Track Lewis and Clark Away 4/13/17
JV Baseball Rogers (Spokane) Home 4/14/17
Frosh Baseball North Central Home 4/14/17
Varsity Girls Tennis North Central Home 4/19/17
JV Boys Soccer Rogers (Spokane) Home 4/19/17
Varsity Girls Tennis Rogers (Spokane) Home 4/20/17
JV Softball Lewis and Clark Home 4/20/17
JV Softball North Central Home 4/21/17
Frosh Baseball Gonzaga Prep. Home 4/24/17
JV Baseball Gonzaga Preparatory School Home 4/25/17
Varsity Boys Tennis Central Valley Home 4/26/17
Frosh Baseball Mt. Spokane Home 4/26/17
JV Boys Soccer Gonzaga Prep. Home 4/26/17
JV Baseball Lewis and Clark Home 4/27/17
JV Softball Mead Home 4/27/17
Missing Score (26)
Varsity Lewis and Clark Home UHS 1:00 PM
Boys Tennis
Varsity Inland Empire Tournament Away Mead 10:00 AM
Girls Tennis
Varsity Inland Empire Tournament Away

GSL Passes

Mar 17, 2017 8:30 AM

Purchase your GSL Pass at TicketsWest.com for $70.00 you may attend all GSL League contests. The GSL Pass provides admission for one adult plus any Children grades K-8.

Single game Ticket Prices are Adults $7.00; Students $5.00 without a GSL Pass.


All Winter sports charge admission for Varsity games and contests. Admission is charged beginning 1 hour prior to the start of the Varsity contest. GSL passes are only accepted at GSL regular season contests. They are not accepted for playoffs or invitational events.

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