About Greater Spokane League
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GSL Mission Statement

The mission of the Greater Spokane League is to provide quality events in interscholastic athletics, music, dance/drill teams and forensics. These competitive events are held to promote striving for excellence in performances while stressing the importance of sportsmanship and citizenship.

Participation in GSL events engages student participants in lifelong learning experiences that are not duplicated in other instructional settings. These students learn time management, communication, advocacy, sportsmanship and teamwork skills that shape and mold better citizens. The GSL member schools are also committed to creating an atmosphere and environment during these events where each individual is treated with respect and dignity. All student participants should have equal opportunity to achieve excellence in academic, athletic, artistic, or personal pursuits.

While varsity athletic programs are competitive in nature, the GSL schools recognize the importance of non-varsity teams to allow more students the opportunity to connect with their school and develop these important interpersonal skills. All member schools recognize that the relationships developed by students via athletics and activities has a direct correlation to more students being academically successful during their high school years.




Spectator Expectations

"We as GSL schools demonstrate sportsmanship and respect for players, officials, coaches and spectators by refraining from negative cheers, verbal outbursts or gestures directed at others. It’s OK to react, it’s not OK to abuse or embarrass others at GSL events."

GSL activities are an extension of the classroom. Represent yourself with CLASS.

C – Cheer in a positive manner 
L – Lead by example 
– Always display school pride 
S – Show respect to all 
S – Success through sportsmanship


These "GSL Spectator Expectations" were created by student leaders, parents of players and administrators from all GSL schools – November 2005.

 Just Play Fair

Sportsmanship is Everybody's Responsibility

The WIAA's vision for sportsmanship and citizenship is built on expectations. It calls on the school community--teachers, coaches, students, parents and directors of music, speech, debate and drama--to strive for sportsmanship in everything it does by teaching the values, long thought inherent in interscholastic activities.

Fair play necessitates that all competitors have the same chance for success.